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The Bandana can be converted in the twinkling of an eye. Seamless and made of stretchy, fast-drying microfibres, it is also an ideal companion for sports.
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Description VERSATILE:
can be converted into a headband, cap, neckerchief, bracelet, pirate scarf, mask and much more in just a few simple steps. Sports and outdoor enthusiasts in particular are enthusiastic about the multifunctional scarf, as it adapts perfectly to the head without being applied and is resistant:
Ideal companion for all sports, leisure and outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, cycling or motorcycling.
Perfect fashion accessory as sun, cold, rain or wind protection. Also suitable as sweatband, mosquito or dust protection. The cloth takes up very little space and is quickly packed, but offers a wide range of possible applications.
Light, soft and comfortable to wear material (100% polyester) without annoying seams. The breathable material wicks moisture away and dries quickly again. The thin cloth can also be worn under all helmets.

Material: 100 % polyester